Harmonize your Living Space

A chaotic living space starts to spill over our minds. So why not harmonize our living space and make it a warm, loving and a cozy place.

Sthapatyaveda states that

” As is the human body, so is the cosmic body : As is the human body, so is the body (structure) of the building;
As is the body of the building, so is the cosmic body ; As is the building plan, so is the cosmic plan ”

Card Reading

Cartouche encapsulates those archetypal energies which were known and understood by the ancient Egyptians and embodies them in identities easily recognizable in today’s world. The same cards(cartouche cards) are used as a potent guide to our spiritual , emotional, mental health and success, Any questions with respect to

 Health
 Wealth
 Life
 Family/emotional problems
 Love life
 Financial or Business growth
 Career
 Negative influences

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy deconstructs music into pure sound, harnessing the knowledge that sound can have a powerful effect on our emotions. Naada Brahma means that the whole universe was created from the energy of the sound.

Since our body constituency is upto 60%-70% water , and when it is exposed to healing sounds, it tends to heal the inner structure of the water molecules. This was a scientific experiment by a Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto.
We specialize in healing chronic ailments using the same concept. Our healers can also choose various mediums during healing like a Bell, Mantras, Music or Homa depending on the condition of the client.

Relationship Healing

Do you have a relationship that you wish to heal?

Every relationship consumes energy. As a result a positive relationship nurtures you in all aspects i.e. psychologically, socially, mentally and physically. We help couples, friends and families establish a very harmonious balance into their relationships.

Present Life Regression

Present life regression is a regression process in healing where the healer helps a person to recall memories of past usually done with the objective to help a person to overcome an ailment, problem or an issue.

It is a holistic healing modality of regressing a person, to sort out the problems that a person may be suffering in the present because of some memories or imbalances of energies pertaining to ones past. Present life regression enables healing at the very core of the problem

Removal of Negative Energies

Removal of negative energy involves detection and clearing those negative energies. It involves studying the relative intensity of influence of these energies on our mind, body and soul. Aura cleansing is also a part of this.

Any energy that makes one feel positive energetic, joyous, happy, uplifts our mood or is life giving can be called as positive energy whereas anything that is negative makes us feel harmed, saddened, depressed, creates fatigue or weakens our stamina.  Removal of these negative energies becomes more important as they tend to affect our normal life in social, psychological or physical way.